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Cabery - Cullom -Kempton

125th Anniversary (1887-2012) August 26, 2012
Cabery United Methodist Church

105 S Ames
Cabery, Illinois 60919
Ph: 815-949-1681

Cullom United Methodist Church

103 E. Van Alstyne PO Box 264
Cullom, Illinois 60929
Ph: 815-689-2484

Kempton United Methodist Church

305 Main Street
Kempton, Illinois
Ph: 815-253-6373

Ministry Team

320 E. Hack St.
Cullom, IL 60929
Parsonage Ph: 815-647-9072
Cell Ph: 812-698-7504

Trinity United Methodist Parish
Church: PO Box 264
Cullom, IL 60929

Visitation Minister
Doris Lowe

Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee
Velma Murphy

Treasurer--Linda Haberkorn

Newsletter--Deb English
PO Box 175, Kempton 60946

Bulletins--Vicki Allen
32951 E 1400 North Rd, Cullom 60929

MAY  2019

Sunday, 5 --Holy Communion
8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Kempton UMC

Monday, 6
7pm  Cullom Church Council

Thursday, 9
1:00pm Cullom UMW

Friday, 10
1:30pm Cabery UMW

Sunday, 12   Mother's Day
 8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Kempton UMC 

Monday, 13
6:00pm Church Council, Cabery

Friday, 17
7pm Tri-Point HS Graduation

Sunday, 19  Graduation Recognition
8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Kempton UMC

Monday, 20
7:00pm Church Council, Kempton

Wednesday 22
1:30pm Kempton UMW

Sunday, 26
8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Kempton UMC

Monday, 27  Memorial Day Services
9:00am Kempton
10:00am Cullom

JUNE  2019

8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Cullom UMC

Monday, 3 
7:00pm Cullom Ad  Council

Thursday, 6
6:00pm Cullom UMW @ Linda Haberkorn's Home

Friday, 7
1:30pm Cabry UMW

(June 6-8 IL Great Rivers Annual Conference, Peoria)

Sunday, 9
8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Cullom UMC

Monday, 10
6:00pm Ad Council, Cabery

Sunday, 16  Father's Day
8:45am Cabery UMC
10:15am Cullom UMC

Monday, 17
7:00pm Ad Council, Kempton

Monday---Friday 17--21
Cullom Community Vacation Bible School
5:30---8:00pm St. John's Lutheran Church

Sunday, 23  Pastor Evan's Farewell
One Service time and location to be determined

Monday, 24
7:00pm SPRC  Cullom

Wednesday, 26
11:15am Kempton UMW  Lunch out

Sunday, 30
Guest Speaker, One Service time & Location to be determined

Worship alternates between chuches -
check  to see where services will be held