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American Legion Junior Auxiliary of Skinner Trost Unit 122 of Cullom

2016-2017 ALA Unit 122 Junior President
Ana Reynolds

American Legion Junior Auxiliary
Meetings: 1st Sunday of the month except June, July, August
Time: 1:00 pm 
Where: American Legion Post Home
Leaders: Marcia Stalter, Susan Spangler, Diane Shapland, Barb Billerbeck
Senior Reporter: Judy Ehlers

Cullom Jr Unit Officers 
   Ana Reynolds,  President
  Brittney Billerbeck, Vice-President
   Gabby Spanger, Secretary
   LIndsay Haren, Treasurer
   Anicah Bruner, Chaplain
   Elise Bruner, Historian
   Margie Billerbeck, Sgt-at-Arms  
   Ella Read, Asst. Sgt-at-Arms
   Tiara Floyd, Roll Call

Sunday, September 11 1:00pm
we are one week later due to Labor Day weekend; Installation
Snacks: Ella Read

Sunday, October 2
Snacks: Ana Reynolds and Margie Billerbeck

Sunday, October 16 2:00pm
17th District Conference....Installation of officers. Cullom Post

Sunday, November 6
Snacks: Anicah & Elise Bruner

Sunday, December 4
1:00pm Christmas party. Everyone bring Snacks
Will be a grab bag gift exchange. Monday, December 12 6:00pm Christmas party with the Senior members

Sunday, January 8 1:00pm
Snacks: Gabby Spangler

Sunday, February 5 1:00pm
Snacks: Brittney Billerbeck

Sunday, March 5 1:00pm
Snacks: Ella Read

Sunday, April 2 2:00pm 17th District Jr Conference...Poppy projects etc. Cullom

Saturday April 22 and Sunday, April 23
Department Jr Conference, Abraham Lincoln Hotel, Springfield

Sunday, May 7 1:00pm
Snacks: Tiara, Emma, Olivia Floyd

2016-2017 Jr Auxiliary Officers
Marcia Stalter installing the Officers. Taking their oath of office.

L-R:  Ana Reynolds, Anicah Bruner, Elise Bruner, Ella Red, Tiara Floyd  and Installing Officer Marcia Stalter. 5 members not present.


2016-2017 Unit President Ana receiving her gavel
by Installing Officer Marcia Stalter

4/16/16 Dept. Jr Conference--Bloomington

4/17/16 Our graduates Lauren & Bailee

4/17/16 Graduation ceremony
Lauren and Bailee with sponsor Marcia Stalter

04/17/16 Graduation Day--Grads with Grandmas
Bailee & Grandma Marcia / Grandma Judy & Lauren

04/17/16 Jr Department Conference--Bloomington
Lauren, Elsie, Anicah, Gabby, Ella, Bailee

Friday cleanup crew 8/12/16
Back: Ana R, Margie B, Gabby S, Elise B, Tiara F: Front: Olivia & Emma F.; Matthew & James F.

Friday clean up crew--Skinner Trost Jr. Auxiliary
Emma, (Matthew), Gabby, Lauren, Olivia, Tiera, Diane 8-7-15

  Thanks to our Clean Up Crews from the ALA Skinner Trost Junior Unit 122 of Cullom on Friday and Saturday mornings Aug 7th and 8th, 2015.  They picked up the litter and garbage on the midway from the night before.  

Saturday Clean Up Crew Skinner Trost Jr Auxiliary
Margie, Ana, Anicah, Elise, Gabby, Lauren, Susan, Tiera, Marcia, Bailee 8-8-15


Jrs tied 2 blankets for "Operation Warm Troops"
9-8-13 This is Department President Judy Zimmermans' Special Project

Standing:  Gabby McDermott, Kinsley Hamilton, Linze Haren, Bailee Osborn, Gracie Metz, Ashten Melton, Ana Reynolds, Lauren Ehlers
Seated: Dakota Mills, Lanie Donley, Gabby Spangler, Jade King, Margie Billerbeck, Kaitlyn Hamilton

10-13-13 Three Generaltions in Unit 122
Gabby Spangler, 17th Dist Jr Pres; Susan Spangler, Jr Aux Leader; Diane Shapland, ALA 17th Dist Pres

11-10-12 $50 to Ron Umdenstock-Gifts for the Yanks
Ashten, Bailee, Ella, Sammie, Susan, Gabby, Lauren, Ron U. at Veteran's Supper

11-10-12 Veteran's Day Supper--3 Presidents
17th Dist Jr Pres. Lauren Ehlers; Unit 122 Jr Pres. Gabby Spangler; 17th Dist Pres. Linda Vercler

Collected for Kids at Tri-Point, Kempton (12-2-12
18 pr Sweat Pants, 13 Scraves, 23 Hats, 16 pr Socks, 32 pr Gloves

Making 210 Christmas Tray Favors (12-2-12)
Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, Sockings for our Veterans at Manteno

At our Junior Auxiliary Christmas Party/Meeting 12-2-12
(Told by Marcia Stalter)
What a wonderful teaching experience we had today at our Junior Auxiliary meeting!!! A gentleman came in looking for help. He asked if he could have a couple of our cookies we had for snacks. Something made me follow him outside and ask him what kind of help he needed. He said he was traveling from Montana to Pennsylvania and only had change left in his pocket. He also told me his was an ex Marine. I told him to wait while I went back in the Post building. I informed the girls and the other adults that were there what the situation was and we gathered a container of our snacks , a can of pop, and $100 to give him. When Barb and I took it out to him...he got tears in his eyes and thanked us. Barb and I were both teary to. We gave him a hug and told him "God Bless You"!!! What an awesome feeling we had inside and what an awesome lesson for our Juniors!!!!

2015 Christmas Party
13 Jrs and 4 Leaders

Our Juniors made 240 Christmas Wreaths
These went to Manteno for Our Veterans

Juniors at Special Olympics June 12 ,2015
Brittney, Gabby, Barb, Bailee, Ella, Dr. Stalter, Diane, Rodney, Margery // Susan, Atlanta, Ana

Field Trip To War Museum in Pontiac 11-9-14
13 Juniors, 8 Seniors and 3 guest

Visiting the War Museum  11-09-14 in Pontiac, IL
Back Row: Leader Diane Shapland, Leader Marcia Stalter, Brittney Billerbeck, Ana Reynolds, Lindsay Haren, Elise Bruner, Bailee Osborn, Lauren Ehlers, Gabby Spangler, Tiara Floyd, Leader Susan Spangler
Middle Row:  Dani Taylor, Emma Floyd, Olivia Floyd
Kneeling: Margie Billerbeck, Anicah Bruner
Also attending: Judy Ehlers, Pat Fagan, Margery Bruner, Diana Taylor, Nicole Floyd, Barb Billerbeck, Cole Bruner, Rodney Billerbeck

Trip to War Museum in Pontiac 11-09-14
Lauren Ehlers, Bailee Osborn, Lindsay Haren

War Museum Trip
Front: Dani Taylor: Back: Elise & Anicah Bruner

Trip to War Museum
Ana Reynolds, Brittney Billerbeck and Margie Billerbeck

At the War Museum
Olivia, Emma and Tiara Floyd

Field trip to the War Museum
Gabby Spangler

Brothers of our Juniors visiting the War Museum.
Cole Bruner and Rodney Billerbeck

2014 Jr Auxiliary Christmas Party
Drawing for a number for a gift

Our Christmas gift exchange
Now can we open them?

That didn't take long to open
Thank you everyone

Juniors & Leaders at Special Olympics 6-13-14
B: Diane, Susan, Beth, Baille, Barb, Rodney, Marcia // F: Gabby, Jade, Brittney, Margie, Ana

Juniors volunteering by interacting with animals
Sammie holds one of the puppies

Wanted to slip this one in her coat
Linzi with a fuzzy little black puppy

Everyone gets their turn playing with the pups
Aniach, Elise, Gabby hold pups while Jade waits her turn

'China' is an older dog who loves to give kisses
Lauren gets a kiss

2-3-13 Jr Girls tell about their eligibility.
Bailee, Brittney, Ana, Gabby, Jade, Margie, Elise, Linzi, Anicah, Lauren, Ashten

02-23-13 Jr Aux bingo outing to Good Sam, Pontiac
Jade King & Gabby Spangler call bingo for the residents at Good Sam, Pontiac

02-23-13 Jr Aux Bingo outing to Good Sam, Pontiac
Dennis Kadire & Paula Rork formally from Cullom with Pat , Jade, Susan, Gabby, Judy

03-03-13 Our Juniors each made a poppy corsage
Bailee, Anicah, Gracie, Lauren, Linze, Gabby; (Front) Elise, Sammie, Jade

04-07-13 17th District Conference, Cullom
Our Unit 122 Juniors with !7th Dist President Linda Vercler and Jr Advisor Marcia Stalter

04-07-13 Poppy Projects and Book Projects
Our Juniors with their Poppy Projects, Press Book, History, Book of Prayers


AL 17th District Junior Auxiliary Conference
Oct. 7, 2012 Installation of officers held at Post 122, Cullom

Out Going 17th District President Bailee 10-7-12
Bailee receiving her Past Dist. Jr President Pin from her Grandma

17th Dist Jr Auxiliary Pres Lauren Ehlers 10-7-12
Lauren receives her gavel from her Grandma (Installing officer)

17th District Illini Girls State Tea
Back row: L-R: Lexi Beal (Forrest); Hannah Folwell (Forrest); Julia Bleich (Gibson City).
Front row: L-R: Bailee Osborn (Saunemin); Rachael Hennessey (Lincoln); Lauren Ehlers (Cullom); Anna Kerrins (Cullom).

2015 17th District Illini Girls State Tea--5/17/15
At Saunemin Community Center

Our Future of Tomorrow